New Pilot Project for Controlling Eurasian Water-Milfoil in Sudbury

In 2017, EDRR began working in the Sudbury area, and met with residents, non-profit groups and the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance to discuss invasive species concerns and needs in the city. The unanimous area of concern was that of aquatic invasive species, specifically Eurasian Water-Milfoil. This plant had been confirmed in 18 lakes in the Sudbury area, however that number could be up to 20 as of 2019.

Eurasian Water-Milfoil is native to Europe, and Northern Asia and Africa, thought to have been introduced through aquarium trade or ballast water. This species acts similar to other invasive aquatic plants, it spreads quickly, has no natural predators that feed on the plant, out-competes native vegetation and shades out other species. When the plant dies it uses up valuable oxygen resources and can create anoxic conditions for other species. Large dense stands of this plant can create areas of stagnant water, which creates prime breeding habitat for mosquitoes. More information about the plant can be found here.

A new pilot project is kicking off this summer through Laurentian University at two sites in Sudbury, with the goal of controlling the spread of this invasive plant. Learn more about this new project here.


Photo Source: Alison Fox, University of Florida